The High Cost of Cheap Fashion

I just finished a very interesting book called Overdressed:The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion by Elizabeth Cline and had a few thoughts. Here is a link to the book if anyone is interested!
Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion
I am an avid thrift store shopper and I also got to the goodwill outlet which is the last stop before the clothes get baled. I have a sewing machine and I often mend my clothes. I don’t have much of a disposable income, I try to be thoughtful with my purchases both clothing and other. I guess that until lately I was in the minority?

I did realize I hesitate though when things are over a certain price and my ethics get shoved aside for affordability. Besides lack of money, why do I hesitate? I should be supporting other people who are trying to make a living fairly. I don’t mean that other countries don’t need to be supported too, more of supporting businesses that help their workers.

This book really laid out what the actually costs of production are and why things cost what they do when they are produced with fair trade labor etc. I think that now I am even going to be more selective. I remember going to the mall and seeing a hot topic and getting mad that all these things I had been searching for had been reproduced so cheaply and wondering how that was possible.

I have made a decision not to buy any new clothes, excluding bras and underwear for a year. I don’t think this is going to be too hard. I am also thinking about trying to make my clothes? I am not sure. I texted my bff and we are going to set up our sewing machines in our basement and meet up on Tuesday to make and mend things when our kids asleep. I have a basic knowledge of sewing and she is much better at pattern reading then me. I am hoping to become a better sewer and a more thoughtful buyer.Target doesn’t need my money.

I don’t need anymore clothes. I am thinking about counting and logging what I have and what I make and perhaps even blogging about it, but really there doesn’t to be another blog about it. I think it would be nice to have all my photos and thoughts in one place.

So here I am. I don’t think I am going to tell anyone yet, but I am going to just try and document things.

Hello again!

Current obsession…

Ukuleles. I can’t sing all that well, I dance like a dork but something about them is so darn happy. Maybe this is the perfect outlet to my for music nerd? I tried to play my tiny fake ukes, but the don’t stay in tune and it keeels me. I may have to spend my birthday money from the in-laws on a uke just to get it out of my system. I hate the sound of practicing (years of band maybe?) but I think I am willing to buck up so I can learn how to play “single ladies” on the ukulele.


In other news I have broached new territory into never having to go outside again by ordering new glasses on the internet. I will let you all know how that goes!!! I am hopeful because two pairs with lenses and my extra strength prescription was a whopping 41 bucks. That includes shipping! The folks at Zenni Optical even emailed me right away to confirm my weird RX. I have had two coworkers order from them and they were very happy.

I may have signed up for a 5k. It’s on March 14th.
Pretty palette


1. Shakeit. The iphone app turns your photos into Polaroids instantly. It also makes the cool Polaroid noise. Plus it’s only a dollar.

Secret Xmas knitting

2. Tim Burton. I wish I could go to New York to see this exhibit at the Moma.

3. Date night with Blair. I think we are going to laurelhurst market for dinner and drinks. It is a rare occasion that we both have the same time off!

4. Knitting!! Cool weather always makes me want to knit. All the sudden my languishing projects are seeming much more interesting!!!


Just a quickie.

1. Getting a Tetanus shot, now I don’t have to worry about getting another shot for at least ten years right?

2. Mailing out packages.

3. Picking up my holds from the library and finding out that I have a bonus hold!!

4. baking brownies to take with me to dinner.

5. Getting to finally visit babies I have been waiting to meet!!

6. Tiny Cuddly dogs.


Hi, I know I have been gone a bit but a change in my schedule made it so I was working on Thursdays! This brings me to….

Things I love Thursday

1. My new schedule, I am now working Mondays, Tuesdays, Wedensdays and Fridays. No more Saturdays! I get to be a real person. I am excited.

2. Halloween

Elsa hates Halloween
The pets don’t love it so much!

Banana is a chicken.

3. this little Monkey face!!! He is irresistible.


4. Our Jack o lanterns this year were fantastic.
Jack O Lanterns

Jack O Lanterns

I made fun of Blair for this  pumpkin as he was carving it, but it turned out quite nice!

That’s all I have for now, see you soon!


I am posting this from the past!!!! I am flying out on Wednesday night to visit family and friends in California. I can’t leave you hanging though, can I?

1. Blair, I can’t say enough good things about the guy. I love him!
great pumpkin 057

great pumpkin 073

2. Fall! I am liking the blustery days and cuddling with the kitties, preferably while knitting.

great pumpkin 020

3. Glee, it’s fantastic.

4. Fresh candy corn. It is in season right now. Taking photos on the counter is a also a favorite of mine, best light in the house and a great neutral back ground.

great pumpkin 024


Unfortunately I am a bit under the weather today so just a few things I love this week,

Tea, I forgot how lovely the ritual of brewing a pot of loose leaf tea is. I think tea and toast may be a miracle cure.

tea and tiny dogs

I just got the album Breakup by Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson. I was prepared to hate it, like I hated her cover album but I am in love. It reminds me of she and him and is supposed to evoke the feeling of a Serge Gainsbourg/Bridgette Bardot albums.

Also listening to Elsie’s fall mix. Click here for the mix and here for her blog. I find her adorable and I am really enjoying her mix.

I also like the word bittersweet.

Look out for a real blog post this weekend.


1. Pumpkin
I pretty much always carve at least one pumpkin like this…
2. Last BBQ’s of the season.
3. Multnomah county libraries! I can always find exactly what I need. Love you St. John’s Library! I love the building, I don’t know why I haven’t taken a photo of it yet. This gives you an idea. I love it when the dogwoods in the front are blooming

St. Johns Library

Originally uploaded by Brother O’Mara

4. KayLynn Deveney a photographer who does very interesting series based on the myths of domesticity and puts them into a diary format. She did the photographic book, The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings which I adore. I just recently stumbled upon her website/portfolio and got immediately engrossed in her work all over again.
5. Jay-Z Blueprint 3. I have a unholy love of Jay-Z. I wasn’t all that impressed with his previous album American Gangster but with the Blueprint 3 I feel like he has hit his stride once again.

That is all for this weeks tilt!!! What are you loving this week?